Illuminate And Secure Your Home With This Amazing Light

Disk Lights provide perfect lighting for your courtyard, gardens, walkways, lawns and corridors, swimming pools etc. It add a beautiful night scene scene. Just place it where light is needed at night. No need to change cables or batteries, use free solar energy.

Normal Price: N35,000 Promo Price: N25,000

  • This SOLAR Light is the newest, most efficient ,portable, powerful solar powered exterior lighting. You can now decorate your own home without having to spend HUNDREDS of thousands.
  • Why Don’t you try this, that requires no expert, no BATTERY , Self Functioning Security Light & Get the MOST perfect outlook you want for your HOME?
  • Perfect For Compounds, Lawns, Gardens, Stairways, Hallways , Surroundings To Bring Out The Elegance In Your Home/ Property

Easy To Use & Install

  • NB:This SOLAR light does NOT work during the DAY, it Only works At Night After SUNSET ,It powers on AUTOMATICALLY at night and goes OFF BEFORE daybreak in the MORNING
  • JUST PLACE & THAT’S ALL ,Then You Will Have That Awesome Illuminating Experience With This Magical Light
  • You can PUT them on the ground, mount them with the hook and loop strips or BETTER still place them on the floor or ground to deliver the right look to your home & Entire surrounding

Product In Action

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Do not install lights in the shadow of obstacles such as trees, leaves, windowsills, etc


In order to get the best results, the solar ground lights should be installed in a place where it can be directly exposed to sunlight.


Do not place solar ground lights under other lights such as street lights.


When the surrounding environment becomes dark, the light will automatically light up.

We Know You are READY to SECURE & BEAUTIFY your Home With This!

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